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Combating Cybercrime – The New Forms of Organized Crime

Duration: March 2010 - June 2011


Funding: Foundation America for Bulgaria



The project goal was to improve law enforcement and judiciary qualifications in the field of cybercrime, to improve the level of cooperation and create a constant partnership between government, non-governmental sector and business and as follow-up – Bulgaria to become a regional centre for combating cybercrime.


Target groups: Law enforcement agencies, investigators, prosecutors and judges



During the project ICITA developed the first training program for law enforcement and judiciary on cybersecurity and combating cybercrime. 169 judges, prosecutors and police officers across the country (82 – prosecutors and investigators, 58 – judges, 28 police officers and one system administrator) were trained under the project. The program was divided into three levels covering wide range of cybercrime topics – financial frauds, Internet piracy, child pornography in Internet, basic knowledge of computer networks, different types of cybercrime, related legislation, etc.

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